aboutFounded in 2003 – 10 Years and Growing!
“We are not satisfied until you are”.

Clean-Tek Flooring Systems, Inc. is a janitorial, cleaning and flooring contracting company providing services to private industries, as well as local, state and Federal government entities since 2003. We have establihed ourselves as an excellent support arm to large and small businesses seeking to subcontract their janitorial services; or companies desiring to restore or rejuvenate existing flooring. Clean-Tek upholds an outstanding reputation as a reliable MBE/DBE contractor in the City of St. Louis and surrounding areas.

Mr. Cuevas meets with each client to establish a list of staff, equipment and supplies necessary to meet their individualized needs.

Now is the time to see how Clean-Tek can change the look of your carpets, cafeterias, warehouses, storage areas, high traffic and office areas. Our methods of carpet encapsulation, tile and specialty floor restoration and rejuvenation are superb and will add much to your business environment. Clean-Tek has experienced staff, environmental friendly products and can meet your flooring needs.

Clean-Tek customers are able to reap the benefits of having their floors rejuvenated and restored. Customers who have their floors sealed with epoxy seamless floors (ideal for bathrooms, lunchrooms, and kitchens) notice their floors are easier to clean. This method allows them to save money. It is a worthwhile investment that more than pays for itself, and it reduces the spread and development of unhealthy bacteria. Ultimately, the aesthetics and overall appearance of the floors are improved and the existence of bacteria is almost non-existent.

About Sergio Cuevas
Mr. Cuevas came to the US in 1972 after leaving his birth country of Chile during the Presidency of Salvador Allende.
Sergio went to work at FORD Motor Company in Argentina in 1973 and returned to the US in 1974 as a permanent resident. He has been in this great country since then and gained citizenship in 1979!